room to grow


feeding bodies, minds,
& community


 income,  hunger, & isolation

we don’t have one answer to food issues

we have many

COMMUNITY GARDENS – 370 plots in ten gardens around Missoula.  Each plot can produce over 300 pounds of food - enough to feed a family and store some for winter. Over 70% of our gardeners are of low or moderate income. Collectively, community gardeners grow over 90,000 lbs of food.


brings school kids to the farm for educational field trips, and takes the farm into schools through eight school gardens and Farmer in the Classroom curriculum for every MCPS 2nd grade classroom.

NEIGHBORHOOD FARMS – grow food for many people who would otherwise not have access to nutritious foods. This is a lifeline for many who want to stay healthy or regain their health. Each season, we grow over 46,000 pounds of food for service agencies and discounted farm stands like the Mobile Market.


14 youth from challenging backgrounds spend the summer employed on two farms, learning life and job skills by growing high quality, low cost food for 150 senior households, 160 households who subscribe to the farms' CSA, 7 Youth Homes, and 10 other agencies.

we don’t affect one demographic

we aFFECT many

Brigid – moved to Missoula last summer after her eldest passed away, needing a way to heal through digging in the dirt. What she found was so much more.

Kinza – teaches at a school that enrolls many underserved families. She sees the distress many families face – from homelessness to food insecurity – and seeks alternatives that resonate with her students.

Greg – sees that while we have done a lot in our 20 years in Missoula, we could do so much more–and this farmstead project is the jumping off point.

Jesse – When Jesse started his job with Youth Harvest, he was homeless and a little lost. He changed a lot in that first summer, and came back summer after summer until he graduated from high school -- something he didn't think he'd do when he began.

with all we do, there is still a need

we can do more


Our Facilities

 rootbound   <   room to grow

indoor meeting/training space

 300 sq ft   <   1,160 sq ft

outdoor meeting/training space

 225 sq ft   <   1,600 sq ft

teaching/commercial kitchen

 0 sq ft   <   234 sq ft

food pickup/farm stand

 140 sq ft   <   1,000 sq ft

winter storage, curing space & walk in cooler

  300 sq ft   <   810 sq ft

demonstration site

 0 sq ft   <   225 sq ft

caretaker residence

 0 sq ft   <   322 sq ft

office space (per person)

 25 sq ft   <   60 sq ft

Classroom & Meeting Room – that can be used with or without the kitchen. It is a large space,  accommodating 60-70 people. This space opens to a courtyard and demonstration site.

A Kitchen – for teaching classes on cooking and food preserving.

Jobs and Food Access – 365 days a year

Space for Growth – this space includes offices for staff who are working from home, coffee shops, or the cab of their truck, and creates a meeting place that fosters collaboration and planning for the future.


Collaboration Space – we play well with others. These meeting and food preparation, areas will allow our gardeners, CSA members, volunteers, partners, staff, and community to join us in growing and preparing food.

garden city harvest floor plan