Garden City Harvest  | Farm to School

how farm to school is creating change in missoula


Educating 6,145 children by bringing them to the farm, or bringing the farm to them: 2,500 children on educational farm field trips, building and managing 2,900 students in 8 school gardens, hosting farm-based summer camps for 45 children, growing kale for 8,000 school lunches, and teaching Farmer in the Classroom to over 700 students in 35 classrooms.

We'll see thousands upon thousands upon thousands of those little legs trundling around this farm knowing who their farmer is. (It's a) big, big deal.

- Mayor John Engen

School Field Trips – 2,500 students – The cornerstone of this program, students and their teachers come to the PEAS Farm to learn the ecology of the farm – we plant a carrot for every student we expect for the field trips each year.

School Gardens – 8 schools, 2,900 students – We offer schools resources for building school gardens, fund raising, maintaining, and offer school garden summer classes for parents and children to learn how to garden and make simple summer fresh meals.

Farmer in the Classroom – 700 children, 35 classrooms – takes farm, food and nutrition education year round and part of the MCPS curriculum in second grade.

Missoula County Public Schools’ Central Kitchen – we make a KALEing (killing, get it?) by growing kale and onions – two of the schools most used veggies, right out the back door of the central kitchen. The director of food services has incorporated kale into many dishes – not just kale chips anymore!

Summer Camps – 3 camps, 45 kids – a week’s worth of summer fun at the PEAS Farm and Orchard Gardens