At first, Garden City Harvest literally meant a steady job. When they hired me, I was surfing couches and pretty much homeless. I loved feeling a part of something. I went back to the PEAS Farm every summer of high school. Those summers changed my life. I now have a steady, year-round job at Home Resource—I wouldn’t have it without them.


Jesse  |  Youth Farm


This place means the world to me. I have learned so much here and

grown up so much here. From the long hot summer days to the cold short

winterish days. The year has been all around good. All the mobile

market sites were amazing.

Imagine you’re a senior citizen, and you’re waiting at your apartment and

a big bread truck pulls in and some teenagers pop out of the truck, set up

a table and filled that table with vegetables, then and standing there

eagerly waiting for you to come buy those vegetables. Even when we

were short staffed and felt rushed to get from one site to the other and to

set up the tables. There wasn’t a lot that I didn’t enjoy, maybe when we

had some confrontations between youth harvest participants. But that’s

probably it.


I think some of the most meaning full experiences I got out of working

with Youth Harvest would be getting out into my community more and

doing something positive with my time instead of sitting around, or

damaging property. I learned so much about the things our community

does to help each other out. I met a bunch of great people on the way

and I found something that actually grasps my attention and that I want to

learn more about.


I now work at Home Resource, and I wouldn’t have that job if it weren’t for

Garden City Harvest.